The mobilization meeting of the ERP project of Huxi Wang Group was successfully completed

Huxi Wang Group actively responds to the development trend of the digital economy era, and joins hands with UFIDA, the world's leading enterprise cloud service and software provider, to promote digital transformation. On the morning of August 25, 2022, Huxi Wang Group held an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system launch mobilization At the conference, Zhu Lin, assistant to the general manager of the group, Wang Junqing, the intelligent project manager, ministers of various departments, key ERP users, and the project manager of UFIDA, Mr. Yang, jointly attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhu Lin, the general manager of the ERP project, introduced the content of the meeting and announced that the Huxiwang U9cloud ERP project will be launched on September 1, 2022.




Mr. Yang, the project manager of UFIDA, told everyone about the ERP project situation, and explained the preparation work, core business, work tasks of each department and operation precautions. Mr. Yang said: The success or failure of the launch of UFIDA Lake Xiwang ERP-U9 project is directly Depends on everyone here today! Going online is the time to test the results of your work, and it is also the result of your hard work for many days. We have every reason to believe that through your unremitting efforts, we will be able to go live successfully!




Then, Wang Junqing, the person in charge of the intelligent project, reported the construction process of the intelligent project, and explained in detail the rules and regulations after the ERP project was launched. The Huxi Wang Group Intelligent Project is a new and old energy conversion project in Shandong Province, with a total investment of 560 million. Since the start of the intelligent project in November 2021, the PLM system will be launched in May 2022, the OA system will be launched in June 2022, the mailbox system will be launched in July 2022, the basic network reconstruction will be launched in August 2022, and the ERP system will be launched in September 1, 2022. The system is online.




Assistant General Manager Zhu Lin made three requests to everyone at the mobilization meeting:

1. Embrace change, face difficulties, and adapt to change. Enterprise change must be for better development. In this process, we must not only understand the change, but also understand the change itself, so as to embrace the change and be a participant in the change, not a bystander. Change is always difficult, but we Be sure to keep doing what is right and difficult.

Second, agile on-line, small steps to run, first mastered and then refined. The ERP project is an important part of the lean management of our enterprise. Everyone must do a good job in the on-line work, actively cooperate and communicate in a timely manner, so as to reduce the impact on the daily business during the on-line period. And timely communicate with the erp project team to solve the problems that arise after the launch!

3. The system is the foundation and the basis for guaranteeing the operation of the work! The implementation of ERP project is a long way to go. It involves every department and every member. Everyone must strictly follow the rules and regulations to ensure the smooth implementation of the project in the company.

The road is long and the road is coming! Zhu Lin said that intelligence is a road that our company must go through, and this road is a long-term operation and continuous optimization improvement road. Even if we encounter difficulties and setbacks, as long as we always maintain enthusiasm and dedication, the future of King Huxi will be promising!

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