Casting production strength upgrade

2022 New Site Investment over $800M

Rigorous simulation of pouring, flowing and solidification processes is conducted for every product by using MGAGMA casting simulation software before actual production.

High Efficiency & Energy Saving
High Efficiency & Energy Saving

High Efficiency & Energy Saving

• Import German made KW casting production line, achieving 250% faster in production efficiency.  In-house 110KV substation, saving 1100,000KHW of energy annually. 


Precise Pouring System & Smart Materials Delivery Platform

Smart Material Auto-Blending System + Iron Liquid Smart Transporting System + KW Auto-Pouring System + Auto Core Setting

• On-site Automatic Storage & Retrieval System + Smart Material Delivery System

On-Site Real Time Casting Testing + Full Site Smart Visual Processes Monitoring System

Smart Production Platform integrating ERP ,MES ,PLM and Aiot’.

Precise Pouring System & Smart Materials Delivery Platform

Machining production strength

Skilled to Support High-Mix Low-Volume Demand

MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

• This FMS consists of 4 HCN6800 H. Machine Centres, one Automatic Conveyer, Two Loading Stations, one Pallet Stocker with 48 pallets, one tooling stocker (160*4) with Tooling Usage Monitoring System and a smart FMS control system to cater for high-mix low-volume demand.

• Able to machine 32-48 different products in one batch with minimum idle time. Machine utilization rate increased from 30%-50% to 80% - 95%.


MAZAK Robotic Production Line

• This line consists of two MT600ML V. Lathes, 2 MT600L V. Lathes, 2 VCN535CL V. Machine Centres, one robotic control system with Deep Learning Camera、3D Visual Analysis System and Laser Marking Machine.

• Able to achieve full robotic manufacturing from loading raw casting to machining and packaging, reducing manpower by 40% and increase productivity by 28%.

MAZAK Robotic Production Line
Full Traceability

Full Traceability

• Smart Production Platform integrating ERP ,MES ,PLM and Aiot’.

• Capturing real-time production data

• achieving on-site SPC analysis.

Continuously Providing High Quality, Low Cost,and Sustainable HXW values

High-efficiency and energy-saving new production line project

Key projects of new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province

• Total investment of RMB 560 million

• Efficiency increased by 3.2 times

• 37% energy savings

• Adopt high-end dust removal equipment, fully automatic intelligent production line

Industrial Internet Integrated Manufacturing Platform

Smart Factory Project

By connecting multiple subsystems such as OA, ERP, WMS, PLM, MES, AiOT, etc., to create an integrated intelligent production platform for the industrial Internet to achieve:

• Full transparency in the production process

• Comprehensive digitization of quality traceability

• Design and manufacture integration

• Multi-dimensional decision-making intelligence

Increase research and development of disruptive new materials

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)

• New low-carbon and energy-saving construction machinery materials

• High strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, energy saving and noise reduction

• Lightweight solution: alternative to steel castings

• Reduce cost by up to 40% and reduce weight by up to 10%

Contribute to "Carbon Peak" and "Carbon Neutral"

Our Commitment Towards the ‘2060 Carbon Neutrality Target’,Committed to helping customers move towards a low-carbon future in the energy transition.

• Built a waste-sand reclaiming and recycling system and achieved 80% sand reclaiming.
• Promote recycling packaging:saving up to 75% of annual wood usage.
• Promote scrap steel classification, quality reuse, strengthen circular economy, and purify the ecological environment
• Green intelligent manufacturing, digital empowerment, transformation and upgrading, reducing energy consumption and emissions

Six Sigma Lean Manufacturing Model

Full participation, continuous improvement, to achieve a refined, standardized, lean production model

Amoeba cost control

Utilize the unitization of responsibilities to achieve cost refinement, full participation in operation, market-oriented, and profit from production