Total 155 Global Leading Machining Equipment

Annual Machining Capacity 500K Pieces*


Main Machining Equipment:

29 Horizontal Machining Centres + 49 Vertical Machining Centres

Including MAZAK HMC8800 , HMC6800, HMC6000, VMC1350, VMC1250

58 Vertical CNC Lathes + 9 Horizontal CNC Lathes

Including Doosan VT900, YV800, LC650,YV600,YV500,YV320 .10 Sets of Gear Slotting Machines and Other Equipment.Including YKT5150,YKT5180.

*Total around 500K annual machining hours。

Casting & Machining

Provide Integrated Solutions for the Global High-End Casting Parts Market

Main Brands of Machining Equipment: MAZAK,OKUMA,DOOSAN,KIA

Positioning Accuracy ±0.002mm


2021 Newly Added MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System + MAZAK Smart Robotic Production Line

Major upgrade

MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)

MAZAK Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)


• This FMS consists of 4 HCN6800 H. Machine Centres, one Automatic Conveyer, Two Loading Stations, one Pallet Stocker with 48 pallets, one tooling stocker (160*4) with Tooling Usage Monitoring System and a smart FMS control system to cater for high-mix low-volume demand.

• Able to machine 32-48 different products in one batch with minimum idle time. Machine utilization rate increased from 30%-50% to 80% - 95%.


MAZAK Robotic Production Line


• This line consists of two MT600ML V. Lathes, 2 MT600L V. Lathes, 2 VCN535CL V. Machine Centre, one robotic control system with Deep Learning Camera、3D Visual Analysis System and Laser Marking Machine.

• Able to achieve full robotic manufacturing from loading raw casting to machining and packaging, reducing manpower by 40% and increase productivity by 28%.


Full Traceability


• Smart Production Platform integrating ERP ,MES ,PLM and Aiot’.

• Capturing real-time production data 

• Achieving on-site SPC analysis.

Skilled to Support High-Mix Low-Volume Demand