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North of State Road 105 at the northern end of Huxi Road, Shanxian County, Shandong Province

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OEM Products

We specialized in high performance material gray & ductile iron castings parts and Bearings, accept customized service with rich experience, the end customers are mainly Fortune 500 companies.

Suitable for Any Grey & Ductile Iron Castings Weighting from 8KG - 1T

Offering Wild Range of Materials:QT400 – QT700*; HT200 – HT300*

Specialized in High-Performance Material

Ultra Low Temperature Resistant, High Strength & High Toughness Ferrite Iron ,High Strength & High Toughness Ductile Iron (ISO1083/JS/600-10, QT700-10, Light Weight & High-Performance Material)


Wind Power High Horsepower Timing Gear

Material: ASTM A897/A897M 130-90-9

Car Connection Bracket

Material: ASTM A897/A897M 130-90-9

Axle Knuckle

Material: ASTM A897/A897M 130-90-9

Construction Machinery Axle Rotator Hub

Material: ASTM A897/A897M 130-90-9

Robot Connection Joint


Robot Base

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