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Front Axle Combined Bearing

This series of products is an automobile front axle steering knuckle bearing.

Hydraulic Parts

The plane of this series of products has been ground, and the flatness can reach within 3μm, which has good sealing performance and is mainly used in high-precision equipment such as hydraulic motors.

Thrust Ball Bearing

The contact angle of this series of products is 90°, which can only bear one-way axial load, which can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction, and the axis of the installed shaft and housing is not allowed to be inclined.

Thrust Roller Bearings

This series of products are thrust bearings with cylindrical rollers as rolling elements, which can withstand larger axial loads.

Automobile Front Axle Steering Knuckle Bearing

This series of products is an important part installed on the kingpin of the front axle steering knuckle. It not only bears the gravity of the body, but also ensures the flexibility and stability of the front wheel steering.

Clutch Bearing

The structure of this series of products belongs to angular contact ball bearings, which can bear radial and axial loads at the same time, with large load capacity, high speed, strong rigidity and stable operation.
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