The Successful First Iron Pouring!

On August 2, 2023, at 11:08 am, a historic moment arrived at the intelligent new workshop of Shandong Huxi Wang Group: the successful first iron pouring!


The furnace body flipped, and the first batch of hot molten iron slowly poured into the iron ladle from the tapping hole of the medium-frequency induction furnace. It was then transported to the casting area for pouring. The first batch of molten iron in the new iron workshop was successfully poured!

Huxi Wang Group has meticulously built an intelligent new workshop, introducing advanced technology and equipment, implementing precise casting and intelligent conveying, and achieving full-process quality traceability. The annual design capacity for total casting is 150,000 tons.

We believe that in the future, Huxi Wang Group will continue to lead the foundry industry into a new era of green, intelligent, efficient, and energy-saving, contributing China’s top strength to the global high-end equipment industry!

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