What is the reason for the failure of the automobile clutch bearing? How to solve?

The clutch bearing is a relatively important part of the car. If the maintenance is not good and the failure occurs, it will not only cause economic losses, but also it is very troublesome to disassemble and assemble once, and it takes a lot of man-hours. Therefore, it is very important to understand the cause of the failure of the clutch bearing. The following clutch bearing manufacturer - Saixiang Bearing will analyze the causes of clutch bearing failures for you:

1. The working temperature is too high to cause overheating.

When turning or decelerating, many drivers often step on the clutch halfway, and some put their feet on the clutch pedal after shifting the gear; some vehicles adjust the free stroke too much, so that the clutch is not completely separated, and it is in a semi-engaged and semi-disconnected state. The state causes sliding friction between the friction disc and the flywheel, and a large amount of heat is transferred to the release bearing. The bearing is heated to a certain temperature, and the grease is melted or diluted, which further increases the temperature of the release bearing. When the temperature reaches a certain level, it will burn. Bad release bearing.

2. Check whether the separation lever is adjusted smoothly.

Whether the release fork is deformed and whether the return spring of the release bearing is in good condition also has a great influence on the damage of the release bearing. The uneven separation adjustment, the deformation of the release fork, and the failure of the release bearing spring to return will cause the release bearing to be resisted during the clutch operation, so that the release bearing is always in a working state. service life.

3. The free stroke is too small or the load times are too many.

According to the requirements, the clearance between the clutch release bearing and the release lever is generally 2.5mm, and the free stroke reflected on the clutch pedal is 30-40mm. If the free stroke is too small or there is no free stroke at all, the release lever will be separated from the Bearings are always engaged. According to the principle of fatigue damage, the longer the bearing works, the more serious the damage; the more times the bearing is loaded, the easier it is for the release bearing to suffer fatigue damage. And the longer the working time, the higher the temperature of the bearing, the easier it is to burn and reduce the service life of the release bearing.

4. Lack of grease and wear.

The clutch release bearing is lubricated with grease. In actual work, the maintenance personnel tend to ignore the lubrication problem of the release bearing, and do not add grease to the release bearing during installation, resulting in a lack of oil in the clutch release bearing. The wear amount of non-lubricated or less lubricated release bearings is often several to dozens of times that of lubricated release bearings. The wear increases, and the temperature will also increase greatly, which is more prone to damage to the release bearing. Therefore, during the repair process, the lubrication of the release bearing should be checked when the clutch is installed, and grease should be added in time for maintenance.

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