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Shandong Huxi Wang Group was founded in 2007 by Shandong Huxi Wang Group Co., Ltd. and established three wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely Casting Industry Co., Ltd., Building Materials Co., Ltd., and Waste Recycling Co., Ltd.

The total area of ​​258,000 square meters, construction area of ​​126,000 square meters, with 320 million yuan in fixed assets, employees 1060 people, including 112 engineering and technical personnel, equipment more than 900 Taiwan (sets).

Shandong Huxi Wang Group Co., Ltd. mainly produces thrust bearings, automotive bearings and hydraulic parts three series, more than 300 kinds of specifications and models. Products are widely used in automobiles, motors, machine tools, construction machinery and other fields, is currently the largest domestic professional supplier of thrust bearings. The products are mainly supported by more than 60 large and medium-sized enterprises such as Eaton, Beiqi Foton, Jinbei Auto, Yihe Axle, Hande Axle, Qingdao Haitong, Shifeng Group and Linggong Group, and are exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, and Europe. And other countries and regions.

Shandong Huxi Wang Group Casting Co., Ltd. owns two sets of one to twenty-six tons of medium frequency induction melting furnaces, two sets of one tow 25 tons of medium frequency induction melting furnaces, one set of one to two to three tons of medium frequency induction furnaces; automatic static pressure molding line Two, the sand box size is respectively 1200×800×350/300 and 1300×900×420/380; The resin sand line adopts the high-efficiency rotor sand mixer, and the sand box can reach 1600×1300×500/500 automatically. pouring.

The core adopts hot core (including shell core) machine and cold core core making technology, which can guarantee the precision requirements of the size of the castings, and has the ability to produce 70,000 tons of various types of castings annually.

Machining workshops include Japan Mazak, Japan's Kitakan horizontal machining center, South Korea's Daewoo vertical, horizontal machining center, Korea Kia machining center, Taiwan's Dongtai machining center, Taiwan's vigorous machining center, Taiwan's oil machine vertical lathe, Taiwan Cheng Tai horizontal lathes, full-function CNC lathes, vertical lathes and other drilling, milling and grinding equipment more than 120 sets.

Direct reading spectral analysis room, chemical laboratory, mechanics laboratory, metallurgical laboratory, modeling material laboratory, casting size dashing room, measuring room, three-dimensional detection room, low-temperature impact testing room, etc. The process quality is effectively controlled throughout the entire process.

Products are widely used in automobiles, agricultural equipment, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, robots and other fields, including brackets, planet carrier, bridge box, bearing seat, gearbox housing, reducer housing, pump housing, axle housing, transmission sleeve, buffer More than 300 kinds of bases, robot bases, brake pressure plates, and support plates. The company's current foreign customers are mainly distributed in Europe, America, Japan, and other developed countries, with the United States CAT (Carter), the United States Meritor (Meritor), the United States DANA (Dana), the United States CNH (Casino New Holland), the United States AGCO (Aike) , USA ATI, Germany ZF (ZF), Germany Klass, Japan Yaskawa Electric and other world-class well-known customers; domestic customers are mainly foreign customers of Chinese factories, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Shaanxi Auto, Sany Heavy Industry, Fang Sheng car Bridge, Kenwei axles and other domestic first-class customers.

Huxi Wang Group has excellent equipment, perfect testing methods, strong technical force, and sound and effective quality assurance system. It has passed ISO9001, S9000 and IATF16949 quality management system certification.

Shandong Province Science and Technology Department was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province", was identified by the Shandong Provincial Bearing Association as a key manufacturer of automotive bearings and "advanced unit in the bearing industry."

"Huxi Wang" brand was rated as a famous brand in Shandong Province and "Huxi Wang" brand bearing products were rated as Shandong famous brand products.

Group profile