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Testing Equipment

1. The three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine mainly introduces three coordinates of Hexagon of Sweden and three coordinates of Zeiss of Germany. The device can accurately measure the geometric dimensions, relative position, shape and position tolerances and curves and surfaces of the products to ensure the product quality.

2. HW2000 high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer: This equipment is used to determine the carbon and sulfur content of two elements in steel, non-ferrous metals, ores, and other metals and non-metallic materials.

3. GS1000 photoelectric direct-reading spectrometer: GS1000 photoelectric direct-reading spectrometer of Germany OBLF instrument company, the equipment can quickly and accurately quantify various alloy elements in the material, which is conducive to production control and quality management.

4. Metallographic Microscopes: CMM-20 metallographic microscopes and 4XB metallographic microscopes are used to identify and analyze the internal structure of metals. Among them, the CMM-20 metallurgical microscope is equipped with a computer surface imaging device and can be dynamically displayed on a multimedia monitor. Observe the image and take a photograph of the metallographic map.


German Zeiss CMM

Swedish Hexagon Coordinates

Swedish Hexagon Coordinates

HW2000 High Frequency Infrared Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer

GS1000 photoelectric direct reading spectrometer

Metallographic microscope


Testing Equipment